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    MYA Project - MK (2017)

    "What can someone easily identify in the songs of the album is how the bands that Dalila MYA has collaborated with, have influenced her creative process. One first description of MK  material is mainly electro pop with elements of alternative rock and  industrial while partially ethnic and hip hop. Usually, such diversity  could carry the risk of becoming a mess however what we listen in MK is a successful fusion which imho is due to MYA's  abilities and experience as sound engineer. The main point that manages  to blend all the before mentioned influences together is the dark  atmosphere."

    Jupiter Variation

    Something that good second single from the album MK (2017)

    "Something that good’ is haunting goosebump  inducing euphoria. Subtle electronics seep in with eerie tones while the  enchanting luring melody seduces, fused with slow groovy dance  influenced beats. Swirling interweaving electronics create a dizzy  narcotic effect while a captivating bassline and sting on guitars add a  razor sharp edge and rock influence. Funky sway-like rhythm adds an  elasticity and malleability to this bewitching track while spacey  futuristic electronic flashes add a chilling obscurity. Velvety smooth  sweet enticing vocals lead you down a musical rabbit hole of hazy  spiralling delirium. With a mind numbing illusion rippling effect ‘Something that good’ is an experience that will have you in a trance." 

    You can watch the video for "Something that good"