• Bio

    Dalila Mya

    • An accomplished Sound Engineer, Music Producer and Singer - Dalila Mya owns a Recording Studio based in Los Angeles. She works as a free lance Music Producer and Sound Engineer for several music projects and film scores.
      Dalila, began her music education at the age of six, studying at the Music  Academy J.S. Bach in Germany, S.Pietro a Majella in Italy and the  London Academy of Modern Music. She also graduated with honors from  S.A.E. Institute - London with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sound  Engineering. 
    • She has worked as a Sound Engineer for several bands in the U.K., Germany and U.S.A., Spectra Paris, The Waves, Myaproject Faith and  the Muse to name a few. Dalila has worked as Stage Engineer with groups  such as Tool, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, The Verve, Muse and Alabama  Three.
      She also worked as a Studio Sound Engineer Assistant in London with Coldplay and The Verve. Dalila has extensively traveled the world in search of new musical influences and has lived in Germany, England, Italy and the United States. 

    Dalila has recently released her new album MK with the English label "Milky Bomb".